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Kieran Lai

Kieran Lai is a fantastic 24-year-old dancer. Born in Essex, he deeply immersed himself in dancing at a young age of 13. He honed his skills through YouTube dance videos. Soon, he was training with Kayzar Dance School and achieved big feats like starring in the film All Stars. He received immense exposure to audiences all over the world when he entered Britain’s Got Talent. His audition was impressive, and he mesmerised the judges with his techniques and unique style, making it through to the semi-finals. 



Completely new to theatre, Kieran is making his debut in & Juliet at the Shaftesbury Theatre and Manchester Opera House.


In 2013, he played the role of Kurt in the dance comedy film All Stars.


Apart from reaching the semi-finals of BGT, Kieran is also the winner of mega competitions like the World Dance Championships, British National Dance Championships, and the UDO Senior Allstars.