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    Harry Tennison

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    Sunny Afternoon: Proof That Jukebox Musicals Can Work

    Posted on | By Harry Tennison |

    I am no fan of the film version of Mamma Mia. It prioritises song over substance, indulging itself in ABBA as its onl... Read more

    1984 tickets

    Why You Should Watch 1984

    Posted on | By Harry Tennison |

    For a third consecutive year, the radical adaptation of 1984 from Headlong, the Almeida and Nottingham Playhouse come... Read more

    Duel Of The Disney Villains: Scar Vs Jafar

    Posted on | By Harry Tennison |

    Disney are about to send their second mega-musical, Aladdin, into the West End to join the astronomical success that ... Read more

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