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    Discount Lion King Tickets

    Discount Lion King tickets are rare to find, as it is such a popular and busy show.  It is worth noting that you will not find cheap lion king tickets or half price tickets, but there are offers such as ‘no booking fee’ where you will simply pay the face value of the ticket.

    What is the Face Value you might ask?  Well this is the value of the ticket which is set by the producers of the show.  You will probably see when searching around that there are many companies offering different prices; this is because ticketer’s and agents are able to add on their booking fee and commission of up to 25% on top.  If someone is charging more than this, then this is illegitimate and should not be purchased.

    As with all other shows in the West End, ticket offers are normally valid on selected days of the week.  Usually it is mid-week performances when the show is said to be quieter. 
    With the Lion King, they have 3 weekend performances, so offers are not normally valid on a Saturday night for example, however do read the small print and conditions before purchasing as there may be offers on Sunday shows available.  There are ‘no booking fee’ offers for this throughout different times of the year, so keep checking for deals like this.  Remember the theatre may only discount a select number of seats, so once the ‘cap’ is full, tickets may then return to regular prices with booking fees.  Again these are the small details to look out for!

    You may also find a meal deal offer as well.  These are great value for money as you will eat before the show and enjoy a 2 or 3 course meal, and then you can go off to the theatre to see the show.  Lots of companies work with restaurants nearby to enable to give you the best price and package.

    Cheap lion king tickets do not come up for sale.  Whilst the show is doing so well and is so popular among tourists and visitors, the theatre is not that desperate to offer out cheap tickets.  This can also give the wrong impression, people may read it as ‘cheap lion king tickets = cheap show’  when this is most certainly not the case!

    You can search online to find your discount lion king tickets or offers, or visit some of the ticket booths in the centre of London.

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