Interview with Back to the Future’s Olly Dobson

Time Travellers, it’s time to go back! Set your time circuits for May 2021, Back to the Future the Musical will be landing at the West End’s Adelphi Theatre and it’s going to be HEAVY! Following Back to the Future Day on 21 October, we’ve been celebrating the 35th anniversary of the film franchise and the musical heading to London. There is exclusive access to tickets which have just been released, along with more interviews and with much more still to come!

As part of our celebrations, it was only right to have a Q&A session with the musical’s Marty McFly! We caught up with Olly Dobson and asked him 10 need-to-know questions all about Back to the Future the Musical. Read below to see what Olly had to say!

Interview with Back to the Future’s Olly Dobson
Q&A with Back to the Future Musical star Olly Dobson

Q&A with Olly Dobson from Back to the Future the Musical 

1. Back to the Future is such a classic; would you say playing Marty McFly is a dream role?

Olly: YES. Marty was one of my idols growing up, so to get the chance to play him is mad. I feel incredibly lucky.

2. Do you have any other dream roles; musical, film or otherwise?

O: Bobby in Company. Hands down. 

3. For those who haven’t seen Back to the Future on stage, what makes this adaptation work so well?

O: It’s the same amazing story told by the same amazing characters. This time, though, we’ve got a whole lot of new and incredible songs and ground-breaking special effects. Oh, and there’s a freakin’ DeLorean on stage… not to mention that Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard have written the score for the ENTIRE show. The beautiful score that’s evident throughout the film? Yeah, we’ve got it all.

4. Back to the Future The Musical has a mix of classic songs from the film and brand-new ones; which is your favourite to perform?

O: Definitely ‘Johnny B. Goode’. (But if Hugh Coles is reading this, it’s ‘Put Your Mind To It’) :D

5. You had gotten to perform the show for a few weeks in Manchester earlier this year; how would you describe the reaction from the audience?


6. If you had to play another character in the show, other than Marty, who would you play and why?

O: It's Lorraine. She’s fearless.

7. You’re performing opposite Roger Bart who plays Doc Brown; the chemistry between both characters is so key to the show, how’s the journey been working together?

O: It's a blast: he's so playful onstage and brings something new to the show every night. That is honestly any actor's dream. He's such a cool dude and has taught me so much and I can't wait to keep learning.

8. We all can’t wait for BTTF to open next year, what do you think makes theatre and live entertainment so special?

O: Watching your favourite film on a Friday night with a takeaway is awesome, don’t get me wrong. However, experiencing live theatre/music/whatever and sharing that feeling with the people onstage and the rest of the audience is unparalleled. It’s unique. 

9. What excites you most about getting to perform on stage again in BTTF?

O: Being with the company again. I made friends for life in such a short space of time and then it all ended so abruptly. Seeing their faces again is gonna be amazing.

10. In three words, why should people get their tickets for Back to the Future The Musical?

O: RENT AND BILLS. I’m joking. FOR THE ECONOMY. I’m joking again. The answer is ROCK 'N' ROLL.


Jade Ali

A love for theatre stemmed from my love of literature and music, but the West End on my doorstep opened up a whole new appreciation and passion for all things stage-y

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