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    London Theatre Review: Shelagh Delaney's A Taste of Honey at Trafalgar

    It would be a mistake to describe A Taste of Honey as anything other than artistic. The Trafalgar Studios production is not about plot, theatrics, or dramatic twists, and that's what makes it brilliant.

    London Theatre Review: Shelagh Delaney's A Taste of Honey at Trafalgar
    Pictured: Jodie Prenger is Helen in Shelagh Delaney's era-defining masterpiece, A Taste of Honey, now playing at London's Trafalgar Studios.

    A Taste of Honey West End review

    The West End is full of flashing light musicals (which don’t get me wrong I adore) but this is something different. It's a comment on society, gender, race, class, and inequality told through the lens of one family: specifically a mother and daughter. Hardly anything happens, but that's real life.

    The life of the everyday person isn’t dramatic, it's in our mannerisms, our conversations, our arguments, our homes, our clothes and our foods. I was drawn into this tiny tale and it was significant because it was small. It was a reminder that in our own way, we each have our own stories and those stories come together to form a society.

    This is perhaps unsurprising if one considers the author of the play, Shelagh Delaney, regarded as Britain’s first female working-class playwright. She grew up in 1950s Salford and left school at the age of fifteen. She isn’t just telling a story, she's describing the world that she knew. A world that isn’t fair or a fairytale. It’s hard, and it's even harder if you aren’t a straight white man.

    In this unequal world, Delaney tells a story of a single mother, her daughter (soon to be pregnant with a mixed-race baby whose father has left), and her gay best friend. It's so forward-thinking. These are not minority characters, they are the centre of the story given a voice in a world that offers them little and that is powerful. 

    The acting in A Taste of Honey is exceptional and very believable. You felt like you were in the house with the actors. The band was spread across the stage adding background music to the speech, which was really effective. Often, musicians are hidden away and don’t get the attention they deserve, so I was pleased to see them front and centre.

    This is a play that is as relevant now as when it was written. But someone please tell me, what happens to Geoffrey?

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    Morag Forbes

    I grew up going to see almost everything that came to in the far North of Aberdeen at His Majesty’s Theatre (we never got the Christmas ballet until January). I went to London for the first time for my tenth birthday where I saw the Lion King and will always remember that first West End Stage experience, the stage sets and acting are another level. After moving to London a year ago I have been enjoying the novelty of multiple stage shows being on at once and generally trying to see as many things as possible. But I’ll always have a soft spot for musicals. 

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