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    Ode To Improvisation

    Today we're bringing you an Ode To Improvisation by our very own London Theatre Direct blogger, Harriet Wilson.

    If improv tickles your fancy, don't miss the incredibly talented team performing completely new, improvised musicals every single night in Showstopper! The Improvised musical at London's Apollo Theatre. Find out more about this show in Harriet's Showstopper! review here: Showstopper! You Don't Want To Be That Person Who Didn't See This Show

    You've mastered the art
    Of learning a part,
    Now those days are gone;
    You're on,
    And it's all about seizing
    'The Moment'.

    But -
    'The Moment'? Just passed.
    Could you not be arsed
    To get in gear,
    And steer
    Towards some sort of a plot?
    Of course not.

    The key is to rhyme;
    Do it all of the time,
    You see, I'm
    Just fine
    With pretending that no rhyme
    Falls flat.

    And, speaking of which,
    The joke that you just pitched
    Fell flat in the mud -
    A dud.
    They said improv. was painless.
    They're brainless.

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