Q&A with Magic Goes Wrong's Henry Lewis

Posted on 30 October 2021

Magic Goes Wrong re-opened with a blast in the West End last week. The show, which is now playing at the Apollo Theatre is another offering from the multi awarding-winning Mischief Theatre, which also produced The Play That Goes Wrong, The Comedy About a Bank Robbery and Mischief Movie Night. We caught up with one of the founders of Mischief Theatre and the co-writer and star of Magic Goes Wrong, Henry Lewis to ask some quick-fire questions about the show.

Quick-fire questions with Henry Lewis 

Describe Magic Goes Wrong in three words

Henry Lewis: Funny, magical, and heartfelt. 

If you could play another character in the show, who would it be?

HL: I think, probably the role of the bear would be a good one to take on. 

What is your favourite part of the show?

HL: There’s so many, but I think one of my favourite parts of the show is definitely the first Blade bit, where he’s charging himself up for the show and fighting off imaginary monks and things. It’s so funny every time and makes me laugh a lot.

What is one similarity between you and your character?

HL: Hopefully, I’m not too similar to the Mind Mangler, because that would be terrible. The Mind Mangler has a medal because he’s the medal-winning master of the mind. On the medal, it’s got a detail you wouldn’t necessarily see in the show, but it says winner of the under twelves magic competition from the UK magic society. And I was in a magic competition when I was younger and so that was kind of, part of my life. I don’t wear the medal daily, but you know, every other day!

Why should people watch Magic Goes Wrong?

HL: Well, it’s fun for all of the family. There really is something for everyone, but also it really is a proper magic show, with really amazing tricks. As well as tricks that go wrong, there are also tricks that go right or ticks that even though they wrong are magical in a different way, so you really do get comedy and a really funny show but also proper Penn and Teller awesome magic and the two together are really fun.

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