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    REVIEW: The Last Tango

        Playing at the Phoenix Theatre until the 3rd December, The Last Tango is a show fuelled by fantastic dance, and supported by some lovely music (with a slightly shaky plot shoe-horned in). In short, the show is nothing more and nothing less than Vincent SimoneFlavia Cacace and a small group of extremely talented dancers performing wonderfully.

        The Last Tango is short but sweet. The show lasts just under two hours but, within that time frame, the pace of the show is kept at a great level, and it remains engaging throughout – although, neither of these qualities are assisted by the wobbly plot that strings the show together. It is, through and through, a showcase of dance – and not a musical.
        Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace are, of course, brilliant. As are the rest of the cast, comprised of a small group of excellent dancers. Of this group, two singers carry the musical side of the show perfectly. I actually found that I enjoyed the “chorus” dances just as much as the dances performed only by Vincent and Flavia – and, having a mixture of both worked really well.
        The plot that runs through the show almost detracts from the dance at times; it comes across as structurally unsound and quite random. Since the plot is not the focus – or, even a focus of the show, it perhaps could have been left out altogether without making any difference to the overall production. However, the staging of the show fits in really well with the tone of the dance, and the costumes used are fabulous. The orchestra, equally, brings the show to life beautifully.
        Seats for The Last Tango can be found at fairly reasonable prices, particularly when taking advantage of London Theatre Direct's current ticket offer. However, the show is in popular demand so book early if you want to get the best value seats.

        If you are looking to see a musical – or, in fact, for anything that isn't soley dance – then this probably isn't the show for you. But most people out to see some great dance will really enjoy The Last Tango. If you do see it, you will be wowed by Vincent, Flavia and the rest of the show's dancers, and will leave the theatre on a real high. You can catch the show at the Phoenix Theatre until the 3rd December.

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