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    You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth!

    On a warm evening in London's sticky Tottenham Court Road, a very exciting event is taking place at the Dominion Theatre.  Ladies and Gents, roll up for a sing-a-long Bat out of Hell!

    You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth!

    Pictured: Andrew Polec sings his heart out as Strat in Bat Out of Hell

    I wasn't really sure how I felt about this.  There are instances when I have been at the theatre, and a particularly pertinent song has come about and I have got lost in the character who is relaying the story of the song. There are also instances when I have been at the theatre and the people around me are doing their best to win Musical Theatre's Got Talent (rather unsuccessfully). Would it have the same effect now that it is a free for all?.

    Bat is a strong show, full of colour and fire and explosions, both of the heart and of the stage. Being able to belt out songs at the top of your voice and try to imitate the truly fantastic Christina Bennington and Danielle Steers (now that IS a voice!) is no easy feat.  The sing-a-long was executed masterfully. At appropriate times a screen with subtitles was placed above the main stage and with plenty of encouragement from the cast and audience,  everyone joined in and it was akin to being at a Meatloaf concert! Steinman in his own right had a strong following and at a sing-a-long performance, you'd be virtually guaranteed to amongst like minded folk who all groove to the same genre of music.

    A special nod should go to the hugely talented Andrew Polec who has departed for pastures new.  He brought a fresh breath to every show and will be sorely missed, but then again, just like Meatloaf says, Two Out of Three Aint Bad when we still have the delightful Christina, Danielle et al. to mesmerise over and his replacement Luke Jordan Gage to look forward to. 

    Sing-a-long performances of Bat Out of Hell are scheduled for Wednesday 31 October, Tuesday 27 November, and Monday 31 December. Book your Bat Out of Hell sing-a-long tickets now, or book tickets to any other show to get the regular cast experience without needing to sing for your supper.

    Kay Johal

    Kay particularly enjoys musicals and has a passion for writing.

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